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When it's time for a break, you know where to go. Ok, after the bathroom. Or during, we don't judge. You come to Kappit for the funny clips, funny images and funny memes to keep you laughing through your day. If you're day is already awesome, well, stop bragging and make it even better.

Never get left behind in profound discussions about the Daquan saga and gold & white dresses again. (It's black and blue, end of story.) Stay ahead of the game and browse through the hottest and most relevant funny GIFs and funny fails as we bring them to you.

We all need a moment to kick back and stop taking things seriously. Take five from the stress and let Kappit take care of the rest. Forget the clock, you don't need that where we're going. Click through our ever growing collection of funny videos, pranks, photos, and vines. Watch celebrities at their worst and occasionally at their best. Who are we kidding, almost never at their best.

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