A lady was doing her spring cleaning in her 12th floor apartment. She was just shaking out the rug on her balcony when a strong gust of wind caught the rug and carried her over the edge.

As she was falling, a man reached out of the eighth floor window and caught her.

"Do you fuck?" the man asked.

"No, of course I don't!" the woman replied, so the man dropped her.

As she hurtled past the fifth floor, another man caught her.

"Do you suck?" asked the man.

"Definitely not!" replied the woman angrily, so the man dropped her.

As she approached the earth, she prayed to God to give her another chance at life. As she plummeted past the second floor a third man miraculously caught her.

"I fuck and I suck!" the woman screamed in a frenzy of fear.

"Dirty slut!" said the man, so he dropped her.


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