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A womaniser died and went to hell for his sins. He is greeted by the devil, who tells him that he has three choices of room for his eternal stay. Asking the devil if he can view the rooms before he decides, the man is led to the first room.

He opens the door to discover millions of people standing on their heads on a concrete floor."I don't like the look of that!" said the man, "Let me have a look at the next room."Satan leads him further until they come to another door.

When the man opens the door he finds that there are millions of people standing on their heads on a wooden floor."No," the man told Satan, "That's not for me either."Eventually they reach the final room, and the man looks inside and see's millions of people standing knee deep in shit, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

Despite the disgusting smell, he decides that this is the best option and tells the devil his decision.The man enters the room and starts chatting to the other people.Five minutes later the devil walks in and says, "Ok you lot, your coffee break is over, get back on your heads!"

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