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One morning a guy was walking down the road when a huge funeral procession went by. Moving slowly up the street towards the cemetery was a black hearse, followed closely by another black hearse and immediately behind this a man walking a pit bull dog on a leash followed by at least 100 other men.

The guy began to get curious so he approached the man with the pit bull and said, "I understand that this is a tragic time for you, but I have never seen a funeral procession like this before. Who's passed away?"The bereaved man looked up and said, "Well, that first hearse is carrying my wife's body.""I see," said the guy, "What happened to her?"

"My pit bull attacked her and bit her head off!" replied the man."I'm really sorry," said the guy, "Who is in the second hearse then?"

"My mother in law is in that one." replied the man, "She was trying to save my wife when the dog turned on her and chewed both of her legs off!"The guy suddenly smiled and said, "Do you think there is any chance that I could borrow that dog of yours for a couple of hours?"The man looked up at him and said, "Get in line!"

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