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A guy's wife is in a coma so he visited her every day to see if there was any change. One day while he was there, he noticed that his wife's shirt was open, and he could see her breast.

Feeling a little horny, he stroked it. A smirk suddenly appeared on her face."Doctor, Doctor!" screamed the man, "I think that my wife is responding!""Well, what happened?" asked the doctor."I, uhhh, stroked her breast." The man replied.The doctor mused over it for awhile and said, "Well, I think you should try fingering her.

"The man went back to his wife's room and started doing what the doctor said. A bigger smirk appeared on her face."Doctor, Doctor!" screamed the man again, "She is really responding!"

The doctor thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, I definitely think you should try oral sex!"The bloke walked back into his wife's room and all was quiet for awhile, then the man came out screaming, "Doctor,Doctor! I think she is dead!"Puzzled, the doctor asked, "What happened?""Well," he replied, "I think she choked!"

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