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A pretty young woman visited her doctor one day to have her breasts examined. When she took off her blouse, the doctor noticed an 'O' shaped mark on her chest."Oh," the girl explained, "That's from my boyfriend's university jumper. He is at Oxford. He likes to wear it when we have sex and the 'O' on his jumper always rubs against my chest!

A couple of weeks later another girl visits the doctor for a breast examination. When she takes off her top the doctor notices that she has a 'C' shaped mark in the middle of her chest."I have a boyfriend at Cambridge," explained the young woman, "His jumper has a 'C' in the middle of it and whenever we have sex it rubs against my chest!"

A few more weeks pass and a young woman comes in to have her breasts examined.

The doctor notices that she has a 'W' shaped mark on her chest."Ah," said the doctor, "the letter 'W'! Let me guess, you have a boyfriend at Warwick University?"

"No," replied the girl, "I have a girlfriend at Manchester University!"

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