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One day a man had a really sore stomach so he went to see his doctor.

The doctor explained to the man that he was extremely ill but a course of suppositories inserted deep into his arsehole would cure the illness.

"Right," said the doctor, "bend over and I will do the first one!"

When the man gets home six hours later, it is time for his next suppository, but he soon realises that he cannot stick it up his arsehole deep enough, so he asks his wife to do it for him.

After showing her how to do it the man then bent over the back of the couch.

His wife put one hand over her husband's shoulder to brace herself and thrust the suppository up his arse. To her horror the husband let out a blood curdling scream."Oh my God," said the wife, "did I hurt you?"

"No," replied the husband, "I just realised that the doctor did it with two hands resting on my shoulders!"

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