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After many years in a psychiatric hospital a patient finally seems well enough to be released, but has to undergo a final examination by the doctors."Tell me," asked the doctor, "When you are released what do you intend to do with your life?" "Well," replied the patient, "I look forward to returning to my proper life.

I would certainly avoid making the same mistakes. I was a nuclaer physicist and I couldn't cope with the stress of the weapons research which eventually led to my breakdown. Consequently I will confine myself to less stressful work in pure theory." "Marvellous." said the doctor, "Is there anything else you would like to do?"

"Well I did think about teaching," replied the patient, "I could help educate the next generation of scientists." "Absolutely," said the doctor, "but what if it doen't work out?""Oh that's fine," replied the patient, "I can always fall back on the fact that I am a teapot!"

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