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One day a beautiful young woman went into hospital to undergo a routine operation on her private parts. A nurse showed her into the operating theatre, told her to remove her clothes and put her feet in stirrups, legs spread wide.

After the nurse left the theatre, a man in a white coat walked over to her, looked between her legs and walked back to another man in a white coat and they began talking in lowered voices.

The second man then walked over to the woman and began examining her intimately, prodding here and there, then he walked back to the first man and began talking again.

Suddenly a third man in a white coat arrives, walks over to the woman, examines her breasts and feels her backside.

"Excuse me," said the woman, "All these examinations are alright, but when are you going to start the operation?"

"I dunno," said the third man in the white coat, "We're just here painting the corridor!"

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