Heaven is when you have A : -
- Kashmiri Chahra (Face) with a
- Brahmin Damagh (Brain) on top of a
- Pathan Tunn (Body), with a
- Dravidian Lund (Penis) to please a
- Rajput Bibi (Wife) knowing how to cook
- Bengali Food grown on a
- Marathi Farm and you own a
- Punjabi Mahal (House) having an
- Oriya Abu (Father) and earn a
- Guzarati Wazifat (Salary)!

Hell is when you have A : -
- Punjabi Damagh (Brain) behind a
- Dravidian Chahra (Face), adorning a
- Marathi Body, and all you have is a
- Brahmin Zubb (Penis), to please a
- Bengali Bibi (Wife) who cooks
- Rajasthani Food from your
- Kashmiri Farm, and all you own is a
- Guzarati Mahal (House) with a
- Pathan Father and you earn an
- Oriya Wazifat (Salary) !

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