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Three young women, a Tamilian, a Maharashtrian and a Punjaban, who all happened to die on the same day, arrived in the office of Dharamraj, the keeper of life's records. He first questioned the Tamilian about her lifestyle.' I have been very good: a virgin till I married, utterly faithful and dutiful to my husband. I looked after my mother-in-law and prayed to Tirupati everyday.'
'That's very good. I will recommend you for first class accommodation in paradise,' said Dharamraj.
The Maharashtrian came next.' I was a full-blooded Maratha so I could not be quite as chaste in thought and deed as my Tamilian sister. But I didn't hurt anyone and I kept my husband happy.
'For you, second class accommodation in paradise,' replied Dharamraj.
'And what about you?', he asked the lady from the land of the five rivers.
'I was a very bad woman,' she replied.' I did everything I shouldn't have done: I never said my prayers, I quarrelled with my saas (mother-in-law), and had an affair with my devar (husband's younger brother).'
'That was very bad, behenjee,'said Dharamraj.' Do anything you like with me but don't call me your behen,' snapped the Punjaban.
'Okay! In that case you come to my apartment this evening.'

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