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A man with a poodle walks into a bar, orders a drink and a pack of cigarettes. The bartender told the man that he had just ran out of cigarettes.

"Don't worry about it," said the man, "I'll just send my dog across the street for some." Going through his pockets, the man realizes that he only has a $50 note. "Pack of Marlborough, pal." He said slipping the money into the dogs mouth, "And I want to see plenty of change!"

The dog trotted off out the door. "That dog is amazing!" said the barman, "Is he really going to bring you back some cigarettes?"

"Yep, my dog can do anything...." but then his list of his poodle's exploits is interrupted by a screech of tires outside the bar.

Turning pale he runs outside and is relieved to see his dog has not been hit. The reason for the cars sudden stop was clear though. Right in the middle of the road was his pet poodle humping another dog.

"What's going on," he asked his dog, "You have never done anything like this before!" Humping away the dog looked up and said "I've never had fifty dollars before!"

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