A fancy lady on vacation took a stroll through the woods. Suddenly a little white duck, covered in shit, crossed her path.

"Oh dear," said the lady,"come on, I'll clean you." She took a kleenex from her purse and did a really good job. A few minutes later and another duck, covered in shit, crossed her path. Again she cleaned it down. A few minutes later she saw another duck, again covered in shit.

"Now I have had it!" she screamed, "What have you been doing?" Again she cleaned down the duck and carried on her way. As she walked on she suddenly heard a voice from behind the bushes.

"Hey you lady," the male voice sounded in distress."Yes?" she replied."Do you have any more kleenex?" He said.

"Not anymore now." The lady said. "Awwww shit! Well can you pass me another duck please!"

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