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A totally drunk man turned up at a fairground rifle range booth and threw down the necessary money. The booth operator at first refused to let him have a turn, considering the drunken state he was in, he might endanger the public. But the drunk insisted and was given a gun.

He aimed unsteadily at the target and then pulled the trigger three times. The booth owner was astonished to see that he had hit three bullseyes. The star prize was a a crystal glass set, but the owner was certain that the drunk didn't notice he had hit all three bullseyes, so he gave the drunk a consolation prize, a turtle.

The drunk then wandered off into the crowd. An hour later the drunk returned, paid his money and hit three bullseyes again. Again he was given another turtle and wandered off into the crowd. Eventually the drunk returned, paid his money and hit three bullseyes. This time though there was an onlooker with good eyesight.

"Didn't he just get three bullseyes?" the onlooker said. The booth operator agreed and said, "Congratulations sir, you have won the star prize, A 68 piece crystal glassware set!"

"I don't want any glasses," said the drunk, "Give me another one of them delicious crusty meat pies!"

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