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One day, a well known farmer was up in court for having sex with his ox. After much public humiliation the farmer decided to get a good lawyer so he looks up the only two lawyers in the town.

The first lawyer has a brilliant reputation for finding a sypathetic jury, but he also has a bad habit of making ludicrous statements in the summing up.The second lawyer is a fantastic debater and a real case winner but he is always plagued by juries who seem to want to lynch him.

The farmer finally decides to settle on the first lawyer.A week later the court case proceeds, and sitting in court, his lawyer stands up and says, "My client approached the ox from behind, took it by surprise, grabbed it hard by the flanks and went at it hell for leather.

When he had finished, he casually walked around to the front of the beast, put his cock infront of the beast's face, who proceeded to lick it clean."The farmer stared at the lawyer in disbelief, cursing himself for hiring such an obvious simpleton, when suddenly the jury nodded enthusiastically and the foreman said, "Mmmmm, yes, a good ox will do that!"

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