One day a panda went into a bar."A pint of beer please." said the panda to the barman."But you're a panda!" replied the barman, "Pandas don't drink beer!"

"Well"said the panda, "I love beer!" The barman poured the panda a beer and the panda drank it all in one go.Suddenly a woman entered the bar, went up to the panda and said, "Wow, you're cute.

Would you like to have dinner with me?"

"Sure!" said the panda, and the couple left the bar and went to a restaurant.After eating their meals the panda put his mouth to the beautiful woman's ear and whispered, "Would you like to go in the back alley and see what a panda's cock looks like?" "Sure," replied the woman excitedly, "Let's go quickly!"Anyway, once in the alley, the panda got his cock out of his trousers, pulls down the woman's panties and sticks his cock right up her pussy then after about 30 seconds he came, screaming.

He put his cock away, zipped up his pants and said, "Thanks Bitch! Maybe I will see you around some time NOT!" The panda then ran away, deserting the gorgeous woman who then began crying.Later the woman returned to the bar to see if the panda had returned."I haven't seen him since." said the barman."I don't understand it," said the woman, "He was so nice and then he treated me so badly.

Why do you think he did it?"

"Well," replied the barman, "I saw this nature programme the other night and do you know what they said?"

"No," answered the woman, "What?"

"Pandas always EAT SHOOTS and LEAVES!"


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