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One day a farmer bought a prize example of a rooster to service all his chickens.

"He's a sex machine," said the auctioneer, "He will give all your chickens a good seeing to!"Anyway the farmer took the rooster back to his farm and the effect was instant. The rooster jumped out of the box, ran over to the chicken house and screwed all the chickens in the coop.

Shocked, the farmer grabbed the rooster and said, "Whoa, boy, you'll wear yourself out and there are still more chickens left in the other henhouse!"As soon as the farmer let go of the rooster it ran off again, this time to the other henhouse, and again starts pumping away at all the chickens.

Then, finishing them off, the rooster ran up to a flock of geese and fucked all of them too, and to the amazement of the farmer, the rooster ran over to a herd of cows and shagged them all as well.Within hours the rooster had screwed over half the animals on the farm and the farmer, himself very tired trying to catch the rooster, decided to go to bed, sure that the rooster would be dead by the morning.

Sure enough the next morning the farmer found the rooster lying dead on the front porch."You stupid fucking bird!" cried the farmer, "I told you to pace yourself and you just wouldn't listen!"As the buzzrds began cicling overhead the rooster suddenly opened one eye and said, "Shhhh...their getting closer!"

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