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A man walks into a bar with a crocodile. Predictably, most of the patrons scarper and the barman complains. But the owner of the croc says, "No worries mate, watch this." Picking up a bottle, he smashes it over the croc's head. No reaction, other than a wag of the head.

The man then gets his cock out and puts it in the croc's mouth, but again, the croc just wags it's head. Then a fellow customer asks if he can try it.

"Help yourself mate," says the owner. The other man then proceeds to smash a bottle over the croc's head and then puts his cock in its mouth. The croc just gives its usual response. Word spreads and several blokes try it.

Then an old biddy walks up for a go.

"Can I just make one request though?" she asks the croc's owner.

"Ask away," he replies."Don't hit me so hard with the bottle!"

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