One day Cliff Richard is performing live on stage on the last leg of his successful tour in Japan. At the end of the show Cliff asks the audience if there is any song that he could sing for them.

"Tits and Fanny!" screamed the crowd."Tits and Fanny?" replied Cliff, "I can't sing that, I'm a devout christian!"

"Tits and Fanny!" screamed the crowd again."What about 'Devil woman' or 'Livin' Doll', at least something I know!" replied Cliff."Tits and Fanny!" screamed the audience, "We only want to hear Tits and Fanny!""Alright!" replied Cliff, trying to maintain his cool, "Tell me how it goes and I will try and sing it for you!"

"Tits and Fanny," sings the crowd, "how we don't talk anymore...........!"

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