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One day John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace and over a cup of tea he started talking about Australia.

"Your majesty," asked Howard, "can we turn Australia into a kingdom, in order to increase it's force in the world market?"The Queen shook her head and said, "One needs a king if one is to have a kingdom, Mr Howard, and unfortunately you are most certainly not a King!"

"Well," said Howard unshaken, "would it be possible to just transform Australia into an Empire then?"

The Queen shook her head again and said, "To have an Empire one must have an Emperor, Mr Howard, and you are most certainly not an Emperor!"Howard thinks for a moment and asks if it would be possible for his country to become a prinipality.

The Queen again shakes her head and says, "For a Principality you need a Prince, Mr Howard, and you are and never will be a Prince!"After finishing their tea and biscuits the Queen looks over to Mr. Howard and says, "I don't mean to appear rude, but having met both you and several more Australians, I think that Australia is perfectly suited as a country!"

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