One fine evening Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were walking through Hyde Park when they passed three women sitting on a bench eating bananas.

"Good evening ladies." said Sherlock Holmes."Holmes,"Watson asked, "Do you know those ladies?"

"No," replied Holmes, "I have never met the nun, prostitute or newlywed bride in my life."

"Good lord," Watson exclaimed, "how did you know that we passed by a nun and a prostitute and a newlywed bride?" "It's elementary my dear Watson." replied Holmes, "The nun was eating her banana by holding it with one hand and using the other to break off little pieces. The prostitute held the banana with both hands and crammed the whole thing down her throat."

"Absolutely incredible!" stuttered Watson, "But how did you know that the third woman was a newlywed?" "Easy!" replied Holmes, "The newlywed bride was holding the banana with one hand and using her other hand to push her head towards it!"


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