Caught On Tape: Thug Brutally Beats, Robs Elderly Woman

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Caught On Tape: Thug Brutally Beats, Robs Elderly Woman

This shocking footage shows a thug beat and rob a 67 year-old woman in her store in Philadelphia. According to the video, the incident happened at 7:20 a.m. when a tall thug entered a beauty shop called Judy's Wigs.

The elderly shopkeeper immediately recognized the punk from a prior incident a few weeks before when the man walked up to the counter, opened the register and stole $70.

The video shows her confronting the thug and telling him to leave the store, but he refuses. When he demands money, the older woman tries to run and call the police. In a sickening move, the man chases after her and throws her into a glass case. When she falls to the ground, he punches and kicks her repeatedly before fleeing the store.

An older lady, a little frail, and he just tosses her around as if he had no respect, no concern for her well being whatsoever. And then begins, even though he tosses her and overpowers her, he continues to punch and kick her for no reason at all, Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police said.

Surprisingly, the large punk turned out to be a 14 year-old boy. The suspects family turned him in after seeing the footage on the news. Police may never have found him otherwise, since they had judged the suspect to be much older from the footage.
The elderly shopkeeper, Zung Ja Bang, escaped the incident with cuts, bruises, and swelling to the face. She was very lucky to have not been injured further.

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