24 Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day

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24 Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day
by Dave Stopera
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. This impromptu meetup:

2. This kid's face after being given two free tickets to a World Cup match:
3. This dad wearing the shoes his wife designed to give his daugher the sensation of walking:

4. This crafty use of pants:

5. The greatest costume ever:

6. This formerly blind 1-year-old's face after receiving surgery to give him sight thanks to the generosity of nine people:

7. This permanent message of love:

8. This baby discovering the joy of passports:

9. Dan's coffee runs:

10. A baby living the dream of leading a yoga class:

11. This picture of a guy who was too embarrassed to go to the gym until his friend offered to dress in ridiculous costume to take the focus off him:

12. This yearbook photo: 

13. This "outrage":

14. This little kid getting the gift he always wanted:

15. This pick-me-up:

16. This heartfelt Mother's Day gift:

17. Students helping their janitor have the night of his life:

18. Friends helping their deaf and blind friend "watch" the World Cup:

19. This kid hitting the jackpot:

20. The nicest marine in existence:

21. This picture of Lowe's employees fixing a veteran's wheelchair after no one else would help:


23. This kid's hobby:

And, of course, 90's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

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