17 Dogs That Are Actually Really Terrible Best Friends

17 Dogs That Are Actually Really Terrible Best Friends
by Michelle Regna
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. This dog who got a little too competitive.

2. This dog who almost took out the flatscreen, mid-game.

3. This dog, who also seems to have something against TVs.

4. This dog who doesn't believe that sharing is caring.

5. This dog who expressed how he really felt about the wallpaper.

6. This dog who swore it was wig.

7. This dog who wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit.


9. This dog who pretended to do something nice, but then was like HAHA GOT YA FOOL!
s3.amazonaws.com / Via barkpost.com

10. These dogs who sought revenge and showed absolutely no remorse.


12. This dog who was like lm just gonna have a small nibbl- OM NOM NOM

13. These passive aggressive dogs who messed with their owners stuff while they were out.

14. This dog who was jealous the birds had more food than him.

15. These dogs who picked a really bad place and a really bad time to take a wizz.

16. This dog who wanted a bit more legroom.

17. And this dog who refused to let his owner sleep in.

But despite all they put us through, we’re still happy to call them our best friends.


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