Relationships These Days

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Relationships These Days
#1 Moving Too Fast?

The initial spark turns into fighting much faster nowadays!

#2 Perfect Match?

Maybe it's unrealistic to expect everything from one person... A dog though!

#3 Financial Transaction

If this is how either of you views your relationship, get out now!

#4 Complex

Relationships would be so easy if it was just the two of you. Unfortunately, everyone has baggage.

#5 Is Change Good?

They say people don't change, and maybe that's a good thing!

#6 Moving Too Fast

If You love someone within the first week, you may hate them by the third!

#7 Sad But True

Far too many men are taking their women for granted nowadays.

#8 Too Connected?

Maybe knowing what your girlfriend is doing every minute of every day is not actually a good thing!

#9 Jealousy

Facebook has made it way too easy to over think things.

#10 What's Monogamy Anyways?

Maybe the best relationship advice for the modern person is to just avoid being in a serious one!

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When bae goes through your phone and you've been faithful
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