On Instagram Straight Flexin'

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On Instagram Straight Flexin'
The struggle is real. In fact, it's so real that people go to ridiculous measures to appear important, rich and more beautiful for attention on Instagram. (And by attention, we mean 20-30 likes, max.) We are talking Photoshop, pictures taken from Google and even celeb stunting at its finest. You would seriously think these people are getting cut a check the way they are stooping super low just for the acceptance of people they will never meet in their lifetime. The foolery....


Really Bow?

Push to start ...or nah?

"Your" swag, eh?

Has Instagram really ever been, this serious?
(Chanel frames, iPhone and Matte Black G-wagon all photoshopped)


Hashtag, called out 

Photoshop at its best

And celebs feel the need to front, because?

And one of y'all flexin...all of this for 20 likes though?

IG flexin' is getting out of control

But why?

A stack of what?..not money, clearly

This can't be life

No trace of cooked food, oven mitts or anything that would give us the slightest clue that you're actually cooking...


Nothing that a little filter and a crop can't do...

Do they think no one catches this stuff?

Stunt fail

Candles, laptop & water....great combo. All this for IG?

No makeup? C'mon...



But should we really be surprised?

Another cooking fail....why?

I can't with these captions...

Who would want Louis V trash bags though?

Of course, the infamous, "bae caught me slippin"


Dudes be like lol

Not you too, Mariah...

Google Images tells it all


The crop...works every time...or does it?

Women go to great lengths (pun intended)...

It's never this serious...

Do people forget that they have followers that know them outside of IG?

Did she think we wouldn't be able to notice the difference?

Peek-a-boo, we see you..and your homegirl, too

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I check the gram every morning

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I check the gram every morning

Like a newspaper
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