Why You Should NEVER Pause At The Top Of A Diving Board

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Why You Should NEVER Pause At The Top Of A Diving Board
by Jennifer Newton
Source: dailymail.co.uk
  • Woman climbs to the top of a seven metre diving board with a friend
  • Tries to back out of the jump at the last minute, holding on to side rail 
  • Loses her grip and falls stomach first on to the diving board below 
  • Then ends up performing a somersault and lands in the water

A nervous swimmer who tried to back out of diving from the top of a 22 foot board at the last minute saw her jump go horribly wrong. 

The woman appears to go to the top of the seven metre diving board with a friend ready to jump off together. 

But instead of them both leaping into the pool at the same time, the woman thinks better of the idea and tries to grab on to the side railings. 

Scroll down for video:

The two swimmers run to the end of the seven metre diving board and prepare to make their jump from the top

But at the last minute, the woman on the right decides not to make the jump, and ends up dangling from the side railings 

However, she ends up losing her grip, falling stomach first on to the board below before flipping in the air and landing in the water. 

A horrified onlooker captured the moment when the swimmer fell at Lava Hot Springs water park in Idaho on film. 

The clip, which has had over 330,00 views on Youtube, shows the whole incident from her having seconds thoughts about the jump and trying to back out at the last minute. 

It also shows her grabbing on the side railings before she loses her grip, and hits off another platform below. 

After losing her grip of the railings above she then falls on to the platform below stomach first, which flips her into the air

She then unintentionally performs a somersault in the air as he plummets towards the water below

She can then be seen somersaulting through the air before crashing down into the water. 

But despite her ordeal, the woman escapes unhurt apart from a slightly injured finger. 

The diving tower at the Lava Hot Springs park has both five, seven and ten metre platforms, which the park's website describes as a 'diver's paradise'. 

Their site also states that anybody wanting to use the diving tower must read all rules and regulations about using the boards and also sign a waiver form.

But despite hitting the pool with a thud, the woman is unhurt apart from a slightly injured finger, and swims away

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