Worst Club Dresses Of Instagram

Worst Club Dresses Of Instagram
In this day and age of selfies and picture obsession, Instagram is THE best place to check out the latest trends and fashions. Unfortunately, for many, it is also the place for exposing all fashion fails and "don'ts". In many of these pictures, we can't help but feel bad....but then we have to ask...where are your "friends" that allowed you to walk out the house looking like this?

Check out some of the worst club dresses on IG below.

I guess she chose plastic over paper.

Chocolate milkshake anyone? Or nah...

Who wore it better?

This dress came with a free mammogram

Basketball gym shorts though? How clever-ly ratchet.

"That shirt will look so cute as a dress"...said no one ever....except her.

Lookin' like a low battery...

Oh, so she really wore this in public?


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