10 Signs You're A Total Aquarius

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10 Signs You're A Total Aquarius

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Source: buzzfeed.com
1. You're not into talking about ~emotions~.

Aquarius personalities may seem unemotional and even a bit cold in conversation, but they prefer to think of it as "calling it like they see it."

2. You're a total brain.

Those born under Aquarius like to be intellectually challenged and are well aware of their above-average intelligence. Sometimes a little TOO aware.

3. You simply cannot stand to be wrong.

It is not always so fun to be in an argument with you, Aquarius. Yes, you're right MOST of the time. But still!!!!!

4. You're a do-gooder who wants to make the world better.

Aquariuses are often philanthropic and humanitarian, and are great at charming other people into joining their various causes.

5. You're a huge, huge flirt.

Aquarius personalities just love a good flirting session, whether they're genuinely interested in the other person or not. They're just too good at it not to show off.

6. You're a natural-born communicator (aka a regular Obama).

People with Aquarius personalities are careful and considered in communication, which makes them great speechwriters, speakers, and arguers.

7. You have a permanent case of wanderlust.

Those with Aquarius personalities are individualistic, independent, and adventurous, and these attitudes lend themselves to a natural and near-constant desire to travel.

8. You're what some of your friends might call the "quirky" or "eccentric" one in the group.

People born under Aquarius are a little odd, and generally pretty proud of it, because they like feeling unique.

9. You're the life of the party.

Aquariuses might be independent, but they also love surrounding themselves with tons and tons of PEOPLE. An Aquarius loves a captive audience, and loves to instigate fun.

10. You're probably obsessed with your iPhone.

Like, even more than other people. Aquariuses love progress, which they often view as one and the same with technological advances. If there's a cool new electronic thing out, you've probably ordered it already.

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