The 30 Most Super Duper Important News Headlines Ever

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The 30 Most Super Duper Important News Headlines Ever
by Matt Buco
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the latest breaking news...the sun rose in the east this morning.

This just in

Pizza orders are really important

Stunning new development

Good to know

It was nice

Here is the no news

That is where he was walking to


It looks so shady

I knew they were bad

I had no idea water was wet

I should have voted for Romney

No not candy

CNN is the new TMZ

I don't even know

Details to come

How you know it's time to delete the app

So important I forgot how to type

Oh no!

Stay tuned to find out what they got

This will confuse everyone

We cover the important stuff first

Important White House development

The future is here

He looks pissed

Send in more backup

Also he was really hungry

Thanks, I definitely should know this

Oh yeah...I thought I recognized him from somewhere

The one thing experts can agree on

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