Thieves Steal $1million In Designer Goods From Texas Beauty Queen's Two Storey 'she-cave' After She Proudly Showed Off Its Contents On Good Morning America

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Thieves Steal $1million In Designer Goods From Texas Beauty Queen's Two Storey 'she-cave' After She Proudly Showed Off Its Contents On Good Morning America
by Mail Online Reporter
  • Authorities say what appears to be a professional thief spent 40 minutes removing items from Theresa Roemer's massive space
  • Targeted high priced items like Rolex and Cartier watches
  • Roemer and her husband were away from home at dinner only 90 minutes
  • Roemer's space cost roughly $500,000 to build, and housed handbags, shoes, and other accessories

Just weeks after her luxurious 'she cave' became national news, someone has robbed former Mrs. Texas United America of nearly $1 million in jewelry, bags, and valuables. 

Theresa Roemer said she and her husband were only gone 90 minutes for dinner at a country club just two blocks away, but they came home to broken glass and empty shelves. 

The robbery bears all the markings of being perpetrated by a professional thief. 

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Happier times: Theresa Roemer's massive 'she-cave' housed a fortune's worth of expensive handbags, watches, shoes and other baubles

Cleaned out: What's likely a professional thief made off with nearly a million dollar's worth of Roemer's possessions

It appears the robber gained entrance by using a glass cutter to get into the bathroom. 

The intruder was likely small, based on the size of the hole. 

'I have 16 cameras on this house and theres no footage of him anywhere around the house nowhere,' Roemer told the Montgomery County Police Reporter. 'It had to be out that dark back corner of the house and out the back gate to the golf course.'

Surveillance footage recorded a small man dressed entirely in white and wearing gloves in the house, taking four trips to move all the goods outside.

The Roemers did not turn on their security system since they were only going a short distance, but did lock house. 

Theresa Roemer told police she saw an unfamiliar Hispanic man in his late teens outside her gate earlier, but assumed he lived in the neighborhood. 

'They took everything,' Roemer said. 'They took all my jewelry, all my watch collections, my husbands watch collections, my Birkin collection. They literally walked out with between $800,000 and a million dollars worth of stuff.'

Roemer said that because she was only away from her home a short while she did not arm the security system

Roemer said she and her husband were only away for 90 minutes to eat dinner at a nearby country club

Roemer said she used the space to host charity events and that it took her a whole 45 minutes to get ready

The most expensive items were taken including 10 Rolex watches, up to a dozen Chanel watches, Cartier watches, and other expensive baubles and accessories. 

'I feel violated raped,' she said. 'To watch someone on film take everything out of your house that means  much to you its just wrong.'

She may have been targeted due to the recent media attention on her 3,000 sq ft closet, called her 'she-cave.'

Theresa Roemer, a former Miss Texas United America, enlisted designer Thom Anderson to add the luxurious three-story space to her Woodlands, Texas, home, which houses her handbags, shoes and other accoutrements. It cost roughly $500,000 to build.

'It started years ago when I had a closet party and all the girls came over and they said, "I just wish it was bigger,"' she told the Houston Chronicle, adding: 'Since then it's just been getting bigger and bigger and bigger, it's like a ''she cave.''

It appears the thief gained entrance by using a glass cutter to get into the bathroom

Violated: Roemer compared teh break in to feeling of being 'raped'

'The third floor houses all my furs and big hats, you come down the spiral staircase to the second floor which is where I get my hair and make up done, it also houses all the shoes from Louis Vuitton and Gucci,to my tennis and work out gear,' she said.

'Then you come down a floating staircase, which is just magical, and the first floor is where you pick out your jewelry and bags,' she continued, noting that it typically takes her 45 minutes to get ready.

In fact, the closet even features a champagne bar - perfect for hosting events to benefit charitable causes.

'Yes, its full of amazing things,' Mrs Roemer she had told Houston's KHOU, 'but this closet was built and intended for fundraising.'

Roemer has used the hot-ticket space to raise money for causes such as the American Heart Foundation and Texas Children's Hospital.
But it also serves the style needs of those close to Mrs Roemer.

The thief target high-end items like Rolex and Cartier watches

'My daughter always says that she doesn't need to go to the store; she can just shop my closet!' she told Neiman Marcus's blog

'And of course I do let a few, very special friends borrow my Birkin bags.'

Upon learning her sanctum had been violated, she tried to put things in some perspective. 

June was the seventh anniversary of her son's death in a car accident. 

'I need to count my blessings that no one was hurt or killed,' Roemer said. 'Ive been through amazingly hard things in life, like burying my son, and this is not anything compared to that.'

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP.

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