10 Signs You're A Total Capricorn

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10 Signs You're A Total Capricorn
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. You love work. You're what some might call, unfairly you think, a "workholic".

Capricorns place high value on ambition and advancing (honestly and patiently) in their careers. Youre not afraid to work really, really hard.

2. Youre not exactly a people-person.

Capricorns tend to be introverts who are generally quite reserved around people, at least until they get to know them better. Its only with people they know well that Capricorns are comfortable expressing affection.

3. You looooooove MONEY.

Capricorns are occasionally accused of being materialistic, but for the most part, Capricorns just like to take care of their finances in ways they consider practical and safe. No gambling for you.

4. Youre not a big risk-taker. Risks make you nervous.

Ever the pragmatist, a Capricorn is more likely to employ familiar routines and processes that have worked well for others rather than trying something new him/herself.

5. Your sarcasm game is on point.

Capricorns are often masters of sarcastic, deadpan wit.

6. Though youre sometimes a recluse, your close friends know they can always count on you.

Capricorns, valuing honor and tradition, are typically very dependable and loyal friends.

7. You know how to be a real adult.

Capricorns are responsible and organized and probably have one or several filing cabinets. You probably know where all your tax return forms are, good for you.

8. Youre more than happy to let others be the center of attention.

Capricorns like recognition for their work, but they hate showiness about it. A Capricorn likes to keep his/her head down and earn praise quietly.

9. Youre got an unparalleled bullshit detector.

Capricorns inclination to be suspicious/wary of new people and their meticulous attention to detail makes them great judges of character.

10. Youre resourceful.

Capricorns are considered to be the most resourceful sign of the Zodiac. Levelheaded and creative, a Capricorn is very handy in an emergency or an outer space fight.

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