24 Pictures That Prove That Life Hacks Have Gone Way Too Far

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24 Pictures That Prove That Life Hacks Have Gone Way Too Far
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. Nails solve every problem, right?

2. How can you even find that many batteries?

3. What happened to you, clock? Who did this to you?

4. Life Hack: Shoot yourself.

5. Nooooo.

6. Hoses should not be disrespected like this:

7. Use your computer as a cheese grater.
Just do it:

8. Never seen a hat in your entire life? Guess what: Just use trash.

9. Sound advice:

10. Hate your expensive gadget? Guess what?

11. Can't reach that wall? Want to fall down the stairs? Good news:

12. Why would you do this?

13. Why? Why!?

14. How does this even work?

15. Too much homework? Don't fret:

16. This is how you blow up your damn kitchen:

17. It's ok, couch. No one will ever hurt you again:

18. Want to eat toothpaste? Guess what:

19. Can't fold a shirt? Just follow these directions:

20. Just die. Yup, just die:

21. Tired of drinking water straight from puddles like the animal you are? Well:

22. So many questions: 

23. Just learned how to bathe? I got covered:

24. Looking to poison your friends?

This one, though. This one makes perfect sense:


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