25 Hottest Disney Good Girls Gone Bad

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25 Hottest Disney Good Girls Gone Bad
Source: juicyceleb.com
Where do you go when you're young, innocent, and trying to get your foot into Hollywood? DISNEY of course! We've rounded up the 25 hottest actresses & singers who started off in the Magic Kingdom. From girl next door looks to grown and sexy vixens. We've  got them all right here. Warning! These are not G-rated pictures so please proceed with caution and enjoy the slide!

25. Zendaya Coleman

24. Britney Spears

Like Aguilera, Britney Spears also was a fellow mouseketeer. She was only 8 years old when she auditioned for the All New Mickey Mouse show. Whats even more interesting is she beat out over 800 kids to get a spot on the show thanks to her dancing skills. Looks like she knew how to WORK it , even at the tender age of 8. Kudos to you Britney. Lets see if you can guess our next Disney vixen.  Like Britney and Christina she was offered a spot on the all new Mickey Mouse show, but declined. Shes also got a couple hit pop/ R&B songs.

23. Christina Milian

This one was kind of a tough one. We even forgot Christina started off as a host for Disneys Movie Surfers.  Who wouldve thought this buxom babe went from Disney to having  hit songs called , Dip it Low and Whatever U Want.  She was also married to R&B singer/songwriter The Dream and they have one daughter together, Violet.  The couple separated back in 2010. On to the next! This one should be easy. She played a Princess in not one, but two Disney films. Shes also an academy award winner.

22. Anne Hathaway

It's funny to think Anne Hathaways career was launched by not one but, two Disney movies. The Princess Diaries (2001) and its sequel back in (2004). Now a days Hathaway is a legit actress in Hollywood. Shes starred in hit movies like Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada ( a personal fave of mine), Becoming Jane, and of course Les Miserables. This Disney Princess has come a long way and looks like nothings stopping her now.

21. Hayden Panettiere

You probably know the beautiful Panettiere best for her activism and her role in the short-lived NBC series, Heroes, but did you know that she was a childhood Disney star too? Not only did she voice the adorable Dot in 1998s A Bugs Life, she also starred alongside Denzel Washington in 2000s Remember the Titans. Gotta say, thats a pretty impressive body of work for a pre-teen!

20. Keri Russell

Here we have yet another alumnus of the All-New Mickey Mouse Club! (Yknow, Im beginning to wish I had given it a shot, then maybe Id be on this list!) This particular sexy vixen got her big break in the title role of the Golden Globe Award winning 90s drama series, Felicity. Since then shes gone from strength to strength with her acting roles. She currently stars in the critically acclaimed period drama The Americans.

19. Lacey Chabert

Although her dad didn't actually invent Toaster Strudel, were still HUGE fans of Chabert round here. Long before her breakout role in Mean Girls, she was a super successful child actress, starring as Claudia Salinger (and Neve Campbells lil sis) in teen drama, Party of Five, as well as various voice acting roles in Disney cartoons such as Gargoyles and Redux Riding Hood. Gretchen Wieners definitely more than just a pretty face!

18. Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is probably best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in teen drama, The OC, but did you know that in 2002 she starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie, A Ring of Endless Light? Well, if you didnt before, now ya do! It seems like Barton was determined to shed her innocent image from an early age, shes definitely no stranger to controversy. In 2007 she was arrested for marijuana possession and a DUI. How Marissa Cooper of her!

17. Lindsay Lohan

16. Kaley Cuoco

It’s hard to belive that Cuoco hasn’t always just been known for playing a nerd’s wet dream. Long before portaying Penny on The Big Bang Theory, she was a fresh-faced young actress starring in Disney Channel Original Movie, Alley Cats Strike in 2000. Following this she acheived a starring role in the ABC sitcom, 8 Simple Rules, before winning the role of the ditzy, sexy, aspiring actress we all know and love today.

15. Debby Ryan

Not only is she  the secret twin of Selena Gomez (or is it just me that thinks that..? Oh, come on, THEY HAVE THE SAME FACE), Ryan also has a pretty decent body of Disney work behind her, guest starring in such shows as Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana, but also as the title role in the Disney sitcom, Jessie. Much like the other girls on this list, Ryan is musically talented; she debuted her Indie Rock band, Debby and the Never Ending, just last year!

14. Brenda Song

Brenda Song didn’t quite start out as a Disney kid, but that’s where she found fame! Song actually modelled and acted from a very young age, starring in films such as Like Mike and Get a Clue. It was at the tender age of seventeen that Song got her big break as London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, one of the lead female roles. Though she isn’t know for being as bad as some other other girl’s featured on this list, Song as has still managed to garner controversy, though not through any fault of her own – in 2008 an escort agency in LA started using a picture of her for an advertisement. In 2009, a lawsuit against the company was successful.

13. Demi Lovato

Demi is no stranger to Disney. In 2008 she starred in the popular TV film Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers and she also starred in her own Disney teen sitcom Sonny with a Chance.  Now a days Demi is focused on her music career and has mega hits like “Skyscraper”, ” Give Your Heart A Break”,  ”Heart Attack”, and “Neon Lights”.  Currently she’s dating Wilmer Valderrama aka Fez from That 70s show. You might have also caught her on a little show called The X Factor. Looks like this Disney veteran is all grown up now. Btw, that small pic at the bottom was a leaked photo of Demi and her friends taking shameless selfies. Like we said before, Disney Girls Gone Wild!

12. Raven Symone

If you don’t know That’s so Raven, then I don’t want to know you. Raven starred as the secretly psychic (you guessed it!) Raven, in the hit Disney TV show from 2003 – 2007. In the mean time, she’s had a pretty good music and film career. Not only that, the girl has blossomed! She had always been beautiful, but lately I feel like she has definitely gotten to that former Disney sexy vixen status, I think you’d agree!

11. Maiara Walsh

This blue eyed babe is known for her role as Meena Paroom on Disney’s sitcom Cory in the House.  She played the daughter of an ambassador  and was the girl all the boys wanted, but could never have.  Like all the girls on this list Walsh grew out of Disney and went on to star in roles on hit shows like The Vampire Diaries and Desperate Housewives. Now on to our top ten. This sexy brunette stars in the hit show Shameless and was the apple of the eye of a certain Phantom.

10. Emmy Rossum

She was on Disney?!  Yes she was!  Back in 1999 Rossum was nominated for the Young Artist Award for her role on Disney’s  made-for -tv-movie Genius.  After that, her career took off and she’s starred in movies like Songcatcher, An American Rhapsody, Mystic River, The Phantom of the Opera, Poseidon, Beautiful Creatures, and now her role as Fiona Gallagher on Showtime’s dramedy Shameless. If you haven’t seen Shameless yet, let’s just say she lets her  minnies all hang out and we’re not talking about her ears.

9. Lucy Hale

The lovely Lucy Hale’s big break came when she was one of the winners in reality show American Juniors. Following that, she went down the Disney route for a while, appearing in shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream (at this point, it’s kind of hard to find people on this list who haven’t appeared in these shows) before really hitting the big time as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars.

8. Danielle Panabaker

Danielle is best  known for her Disney roles in Stuck in the Suburbs and Read It and Weep. Both were popular Disney films. Some other films you might have seen her in include Sky High, Yours, Mine and Ours, Mr. Brooks, Pirahna 3DD,and The Crazies. Shes’ made several appearances on different TV shows and will reprise her role in the spin off The Flash.  Looks like this Disney star is keeping busy.

Up next our lucky # 7.  Personally, I think she’s one of the hottest ladies to come out of Disney.  You might have seen her along side Emma Stone in the comedy Easy A. Can you guess who this blonde hottie is?

7. Alyson Michalka

Did you guess Aly Michalka?! If you did kudos to you! You must know your Disney ladies. Aly is best known for her roles as Keely Teslow on Disney’s series Phil of the Future and Taylor Callum on Disney’s original movie Cow Belles. You’ve also probably seen this blonde haired beauty on CW’s show Hellcats. Here’s a fun fact if you didn’t know already. Aly is half of the musical duo 78violet with her younger sister AJ. Their group was formerly known as Aly and AJ. Some of their hit songs include, “Potential Breakup Song” and “Hothouse”.  Let’s move on.  # 6 is best known for her Disney pop girl group and she dated Rob Kardashian.

6. Adrienne Bailon

Say hello to Ms. Adrienne Bailon! Caliente!  This Puerto Rican hottie is best known for her two hit girl groups 3LW and Disney’s The Cheetah Girls.  She’s also made guest appearances on Disney’s hit shows That’s So Raven and  The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Now a days you can catch her as a host on The  Real Talk tv show. Finally, our top 5! #5 is another sexy blonde. She also starred along side fellow Disney star Aly Michalka on CW’s Hellcats.

5. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley first made her Disney appearance on the hit Disney series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as Maddie Fitzpatrick.  Yet, she didn’t catapult into stardom until she  co-starred in Disney’s oh so popular  film series High School Musical as Sharpay Evans. She’s also the voice of Candace Flynn in Disney’s Emmy Award winning animated series Phineas & Ferb. Here’s a fun fact. Did you know her and Vanessa Hudgens are real life BFF?!

4. Miley Cyrus

No one shed their Disney wholesome image quite like Miley Cyrus did! Let’s just say she came in like a ” Wrecking Ball” and demolished that good girl image Disney made her famous for.   The teen idol shot to fame with Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana where she portrayed a teen living a double life. A regular school girl by day and then famous recording artist by night. Miley’s not a stranger to the music world either. Her papa is none other than ” Achy Breaky Heart” hitmaker Billy Ray Cyrus. After Disney Cyrus focused on her singing career and came out with hits like ” See You Again”, ” Party in the U.S.A”, ” Wrecking Ball”, and ” We Can’t Stop”.  She is recognized as the most successful artist to come out of The Walt Disney Company and might we add the Wildest Disney Girl out of the bunch.  Hate her or love her Miley has definitely left her mark on today’s pop culture.

3. Selena Gomez

This former Disney good girl starred in Disney’s television series Wizards of Waverly Place. She’s also made appearances on Disney’s shows The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana, appeared in several other series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream,  and Disney Channel Games. Not to mention she appeared in Disney’s original films Princess Protection Program and the Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Not only is she a talented actress, she’s also a singer with hits like ” Come & Get It” and ” Slow Down”.  She shed her good girl image to play in the raunchy film Spring Breakers and did we mention her on /off again romance with bad boy Justin Bieber! Oh and one more thing Selena recently was in rehab for “substance abuse”. Can we say good girl gone bad!

Our next lady on the list starred in Spring Breakers with Ms. Gomez and is known for her bohemian lifestyle.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

The lovely Ms Hudgens was first brought to the world’s attention back in 2006 when she starred in Disney’s cheesy but immensely likeable hit movie franchise High School Musical. You might remember that she also had a very publicized relationship with her co-star boyfriend Zac Efron (not the we blame her! Le sigh). Sadly, all good things must come to an end and the couple called it quits in 2010. Much like Efron, since then, Hudgens has been trying to make a name for herself as a credible actress, attempting to ditch her Disney image by starring in movies such as Gimme Shelter, The Frozen Ground, and the previously mentioned Spring Breakers. Oh, and let’s not forget the nude pictures of her that were leaked back in 2007 and 2009, how scandalous! If that isn’t the perfect way of eliminating your cookie-cutter image then I don’t know what is. Finally our #1 Disney Girl Gone Wild! Drum Roll please…

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

You may know her best for her hit show the Ghost Whisperer, but Hewitt started off on the Disney Channel series Kids Incorporated (a show quite similar to The Mickey Mouse Club). Following this, she rose to fame for her teenage pop culture roles on Party of Five, Can’t Hardly Wait, and I know What You did Last Summer, to name just a few. Now, time for a fun fact about Love! You may or may not have known that she’s no stranger to the music industry. At the tender age of 12, Love was basically a popstar in Japan and later she had a Billboard hot 100 song. In 1999, the song, “How Do I Deal” recorded for the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer rose to 59 on the charts. The more you know!

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