A Man Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him Using Coca-Cola Bottles

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A Man Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him Using Coca-Cola Bottles
by Rossalyn Warren
Source: buzzfeed.com
Last week, Donnie McGilvray claimed he proposed to his girlfriend using Coca-Cola bottles, spelling out "Beautiful" "Eloise" "Will" "You" "Marry" "Me". He then shared this photo of it on the Coca-Cola Facebook page.


McGilvray commented under the picture: I asked my girlfriend, Eloise, to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw. The ice was in the glass. Thanks Coca-Cola for all the help.she said yes!!!

Although the words on the Coke bottles are unavailable to order on the Coke website, many people are using Photoshop to create their own personalised bottle labels, such as the Mambo Number 5 Coke bottles that went viral last week. It is unclear if McGilvray printed off his own labels or digitally altered the image.

The original photo has since had over 1 million likes and 50,000 shares on Facebook, and the comments underneath the photo suggest that many people found the proposal very romantic.

A day later, Coca-Cola responded to the photo with this image congratulating the newly engaged couple.



Coca-Cola confirmed that McGilvray ordered the bottle labels using the personalised label page. Coca-Cola told BuzzFeed: All of us at Coca-Cola would like to extend our huge congratulations to Donnie and Eloise on their engagement. We were thrilled to see that Donnie used our personalised iconic glass bottles in such a special and romantic way. That is exactly what Share a Coke is all about; creating moments of happiness with the people closest to you. We hope they share a very happy life together and will be sending them some special congratulatory bottles to celebrate.
AUGU. 11, 2014, 6:31 a.m.

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