The Goths Are Coming!: Goth Dance Remixes Are Everything Right Now

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The Goths Are Coming!: Goth Dance Remixes Are Everything Right Now
by Connor Tole
For the past few months, users on Vine have been constantly remixing a video featuring a group of goth dancers getting their goth dance on underneath a bridge somewhere.

The concept is fairly simple: Take a clip from the video and set it to music you wouldn't expect goths to listen to.

Its very similar to this clip of black-clad, emotionless vessels dancing to "Shabba," only infinitely more addicting.

It turns out there is a perfect amount of time to watch goth people dancing to non-goth music, and it is "the duration of one Vine."

There are no shortage of examples, but these are easily the highlights:

They do it all for Sosa

SpongeBob makes everything better

"Shabba" Remix Pt. II

They need all those pockets for the massive amounts of sunshine

There's so much to celebrate

Time to get multicultural

Dance to the music. Dance.

Y una vez mas!

Because everything about these videos is ridiculous, people all over the world have been inspired to channel their inner goth (members of the movement have been known to utilize the hash-tag #GothDanceToAnything when sharing their masterpieces).

Its a slightly different brand of humor, but entertaining nonetheless.

Goths wish they could glide like this:

I'd pay to watch this dance-off


Gucci, Gucci!

This has been your daily dose of weird Internet trends. Consider yourself enlightened.

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goth underp rave

When The School Shooting Goes As Planned
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