The 21 Struggles Of Wanting A Dog But Knowing You Shouldnt Get One

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The 21 Struggles Of Wanting A Dog But Knowing You Shouldnt Get One
by Jessica Misener
So, you want a dog REALLY BADLY.

Like, its bad.

Whenever you see dogs up for adoption, you have to put blinders on because you want to take home every single one.

You go over to visit your friends with dogs to catch up with them.

"Them" secretly meaning their dog.

Some people have their baby names already picked out. You have your puppy names picked out.

You've chosen your dream breed (or cute mutt) too.
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Normal people just smile at dogs on the street. You TOTALLY LOSE IT.

You never met a dog you didn't immediately try to pet.

Seeing photos of your friends new puppies on Facebook makes you uber jealous.

You follow famous Instagram dogs to satiate yourself.

When you go to a party, you spend most of your time playing with the hosts pet.

You've come so close to actually getting a dog.

But you just know it wouldn't be fair!

Dogs deserve tons of loving attention, and you can barely manage your own life.

You would need to come straight home after work every day, and thats just impossible sometimes.

And you would feel like the worst person if you got a dog so you could spend time with it, then had to leave it alone so much.

Pets require a lot of vet bills, and you'd feel horrible if you couldn't afford medical care for your pup.

Plus, you travel a lot, which would make it hard on both you and your dog.

Or maybe your significant other or family isn't on board with the idea.

So for now, you'll settle for pining over all the awesome dogs in your life.

But you know someday, you'll be 100% ready and qualified to be a dog parent.

Bring it on! (And in the meantime, you can always volunteer.)

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