23 Things Only Left Handed People Need To Worry About

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23 Things Only Left Handed People Need To Worry About
by Dave Stopera
Source: buzzfeed.com
On today, August 13, aka National Left Handers Day, it's time the world finds out what lefties have to deal with every damn day.

So listen up, world. Because you'll never understand...

1. Only being able to find these in the scissor drawer.

2. Classrooms full of these:
Via trippapparel.com

3. Pens at the bank. Oh, I'm sorry. Let me just put all my money in a place that respects me:

4. Get out of here with that garbage, can opener:

5. I didn't want ice cream anyway.
 Via oxo.com

Oh God I wanted it so bad.

6. Death to the spiral notebook:

7, Crosswords are boring, anyway.

8. Three-ringed binder? More like three-ringed hellbeast:

9. These conversations every dang day:

You are so clever.

10. I'm sorry, righty. I didn't mean to bump your elbow every 10 seconds. It's not my fault...it's the system's fault:

11. Video game controllers weren't made with the most important people in mind:

12. Upside-down measurenments. Who needs measuring anyway:

13. How about when the teacher asks if anyone writes with their left hand and you're the only one who raises yours? How about that?!

14. Or getting asked "Are you left-handed?" Every time you pick up a pencil:

15. Pens that unscrew themselves while you're just trying to write:

We're all just trying to write.

16. Credit card checkouts. All I wanted to do was exchange money for goods and or services. All I wanted was some services!

17. The zipper conspiracy:

Why are zippers the way they are? Who decided this?

18. Upside-down mugs that don't let you be the person you want to be:

19. Will there be a glove for me? Will there?!

20. And don't even get me started. No one knows true pain until they've experienced this:

21. Dsltsdflgksfdjglksfddfjslgkfds

22. This is no way to live:

23. No way at all!

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