White Guy Starts Fight, Black Guy Gets Pepper Sprayed

White Guy Starts Fight, Black Guy Gets Pepper Sprayed
Source: dailykos.com
via Alex Garland/The Dignity Virus

Peaceful protestors stage demonstration. Random white guy passing by starts screaming at them, takes off his shirt and approaches black man in the crowd, still screaming. Security guard promptly pepper sprays the black guy.

According to a police report, the guard said he used the spray because Wilford balled his fists and "took an aggressive step towards him." [...]

"I thought he (the guard) was the helper, that's why I approached him. But he thought I was the threat," Wilford said Monday. [...]

Afterward, the heckler walked away and a YouTube video shows that the guard held and eventually handcuffed Wilford, about the time police showed up. A Seattle police officer shouted at a few of the onlookers to stay back as the guard escorted Wilford into Westlake Mall. Demonstrators shouted, "You pepper-sprayed the wrong guy" and similar comments.

This is in Seattle, not Ferguson. Yes, yes, it's all a misunderstanding. One that keeps happening over and over.


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