21 Women Who Took On The Laws Of Physics And Lost

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21 Women Who Took On The Laws Of Physics And Lost
by Kappit Staff

OZELIK: fuck u niger i throw my fedora at yu kunt
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. This woman whose enthusiasm didn't pay off.

2. This woman who decided this is just where she lives now.

Via giphy.com

3. This woman who got to know the sand a little better than she wanted.

4. This woman who didn't anticipate that a sink might be a bit slippy.

Via reddit.com

5. This woman whose feet decided enough was enough

Via forgifs.com

6. This woman who decided to go for a dip without her bike.

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7. These women who wanted to demonstrate how the Large Hadron Collider works.

Via geeksaresexy.net

8. This woman who thrust a bit too hard.

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9. This woman who wanted to do a stripped-down version of wakeboarding.

Via femour.com

10. This woman giving an example of a pro forward-roll.

Via gifsec.com

11. This woman whose run-up was so promising.

Via ar15.com

12. This woman who may have found a portal to hell.

Via ryjbuk.pl

13. This woman who briefly worked for the Ministry of Silly Walks.

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14. This woman who at least had a pool to fall into.

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15. This woman whose fear of heights proved unhelpful while on a rope swing.

Via izismile.com

16. This woman whose excitement got the better of her.

Via imgur.com

17. This woman who tried to find an even preppier way to ride a horse and spilt her Starbucks in the process.


18. This woman whose flip turned into a flop.


19. This woman who was totally bossing her Kinect game until a table intervened.

20. This woman whose cunning plan didn't quite save her from the mud.


21. This woman who proved that nowhere's safe.


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