Shorty Got A Big Ol' Butt...Celebs Who Admitted To Butt Injections

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Shorty Got A Big Ol' Butt...Celebs Who Admitted To Butt Injections
by Iva Anthony
Theres no shame in these stars plastic surgery game because you can count them among the select few celebs who admitted to butt injections.

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Heidi Montag made a name for herself by appearing on MTVs The Hills and it wasn't long before she started to spend all of those reality checks on plastic surgery. In 2007, Montag decided to upgrade her breasts with some implants. She followed that up with ten cosmetic procedures in one day, including another boob upgrade and butt augmentation. But all of that work in one day almost killed her because she was administered too much Demerol. 


K. Michelles career has enjoyed a second coming thanks to starring on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But longtime fans were a little confused to see the R&B singer with a little more junk in the truck. At first she insisted thats the way God made her booty but she finally came clean and admitted that she actually had some of the fat removed from her stomach and had it injected into her backside to make it even plumper.


Making a name for herself as the best friend on Moesha, Countess Vaughn wasn't happy about how she looked on or off camera. She underwent liposuction but felt too much fat was removed from her posterior. Upset that her body wasn't proportioned quite to her liking, she decided to go under the knife to have her flat butt match her big breasts.


Karissa Shannons claim to fame was her relationship with Hugh Hefner. Along with her identical twin sister Kristina, the Shannon sisters were Hef's girlfriends and regulars on the reality show The Girls Next Door. Keeping up the image of a perfect body proved to be a lot harder for Karissa so she used hydrogel injections to keep her butt looking just right.


Renee Graziano was the driving force behind the scenes as well as the star of VH1s Mob Wives. Although she had a bold and brash personality, she also had some body issues and decided to go under the knife to deal with them. But that decision almost cost her her life. Recovering from a body lift, Graziano ended up with an open wound right above her rear end. She lost a lot of blood and almost died from a severe infection. A year after the body lift, she once again went under the knife, this time for a butt lift.


British star Chloe Sims wanted a better booty so she went to her doctor and said, Give me the Nicki Minaj. Literally. The Only Way Is Essex star opened up about receiving a butt augmentation to Reveal magazine. I want to go much bigger than the surgeon suggested on TOWIE [The Only Way Is Essex.], she said. I love Nicki Minaj's bum, but he hadn't heard of her, so I explained that Im quite a dramatic person and want it to look like a perfect peach.


Last season Love & Hip Hop introduced a couple new cast-mates. New York rapper Saigon along with his baby mama Erica Jean joined the show and viewers watched as the two tried to figure out their relationship and how to co-parent their son. Looking for some more help, the couple appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life. It was on this show that Jean was forced to admit she did receive a butt lift paid for by her baby daddy Saigon.


Shekinah Jo is Tameka Tiny Cottles bff/hairstylist and is featured on the reality show The Family Hustle. Shekinah has made no bones about going under the knife for a better booty not once but twice. They took this fat out my stomach, right? And they put it all in my behind, she told BOSSIP. It moves and everything its cute. You see it move? Yess, its cute!


Like her bff Shekinah Jo, Tameka Tiny Cottle has had a little work done for a firmer, rounder booty. And like her best friend/hairstylist, Tiny came clean and admitted that her derrire needed a little help. While paying a visit to Wendy Williams on her talk show, she was asked if her booty was natural or bought. Tiny confessed and said her behind was purchased.


Jenna Jameson may have retired from the world of porn but that doesn't mean she's willing to let her body go. For her upcoming 38th birthday, the then-married mother of twin boys treated herself to a little touch up work. Jameson showed off her newly augmented behind to the press and invited guests at her birthday celebration. Now Jenna has been working as a webcam model since last year.

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