22 People Who Love Food So Much They Are A Danger To Society

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22 People Who Love Food So Much They Are A Danger To Society
by Yosef Lerner
Source: news.distractify.com
These news headlines are not your traditional love story. They probably sound more like a person flipping out over getting the wrong sandwich. But thats because you dont share a spiritual bond with the things you eat. This is what happens when the law dares come between two lovers...one human, one food.

1. This hungry outcast.

2. This salty fast food customer.

3. This saucy son.

4. This face of utter betrayal.

5. This girlfriend who just wanted to live m�s.

6. This crabby gentleman.

7. This woman who knows what she wants in life.

8. This man who was not lovin' it.

9. This rare kind of meat-lover.

10. This hungry cyborg.

11. This hard-shelled assailant.

12. This woman from Florida (obviously).

13. This mom experiencing a Pop-Tart tragedy.

14. This man who cries everytime.

15. This Texan meltdown.

16. This woman who went HAM.

17. The diplomat of a sister.

18. This thief of hopefully unrelated items.

19. This large and in charge Sarge.

20. This woman and her Unhappy Meal.

21. This woman who understands the meaning of the word "emergency"

22. This man and his marinarrogance.

Food may be a leading cause of drama, but it also has the power to bring us together.

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