Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Gave Out His Email Address At Wild Pep Rally

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Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Gave Out His Email Address At Wild Pep Rally
by Nina Mandell
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

It took months of battles in court and in the media, but if there was any question that the Clippers were bought by the right person, Steve Ballmer answered them in his introductory pep rally on Monday where did things like:

Possibly crashed the Clippers email server

Please call him Steve.

Played Eminem as his entrance music

Gave out high fives

Had this to say about moving the team to Seattle

Received a warm greeting from Blake Griffin

Before the press conference, Ballmer was known to many Clippers fans as just a former Microsoft CEO who seemed like a much better option than Donald Sterling. But as anyone who has followed his career knows, Ballmer proves to be one of the most energetic and fun speakers an audience could hope for if not a bit zany.

Ballmer takes over a team and a fan base that has put up with decades under an owner that never belonged in the NBA. Sure, the pep rally must have seemed more like it was run by a WWE hype man than a billionaire. But his level of excitement is one that should be matched by both the fans and players. (Though maybe not the person in charge of his email.)

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