The Inside Scoop On The People In Some Of Your Favorite Memes

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The Inside Scoop On The People In Some Of Your Favorite Memes
by Emerald Catron

Sometimes, it's hard to remember that memes are people too. Mostly because we've never met them, and generally associate them with an easy way to make a lame joke.

But they ARE people. Here's a little background information on the people whose pictures make some of your favorite memes. 

Remember, they're not just image macros - they're people whose faces have been appropriated for a cheap laugh by the internet.

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian's friend thought his junior picture from high school was funny, so he turned it into a meme. Now Brian lives in the Akron area and is trying his hand at making funny YouTube videos. He also has a Facebook page where he shares pictures of bad things happening to him.

Hipster Barista

The hipster barista's photo was first uploaded to Quickmeme two years ago. The man behind the meme is Dustin Mattson, and he is not impressed. According to his Twitter, he's still living down South and teaching people how to make awesome coffee.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Laina Morris, AKA the Overly Attached Girlfriend, skyrocketed to internet stardom when a video she posted of a rather creepy version of Justin Bieber's song 'Girlfriend' went viral. A screen-grab from the video quickly became a meme, and the rest is history. Currently Laina makes funny YouTube videos for her many fans and raises money for charity.

Success Kid

Sammy the Success Kid was just 11-months-old when the photo that would become a popular internet meme was taken. His mother, Laney Griner, shared the photo on her Flickr account before it took on a life of its own.

Laney wound up selling photos of Sammy to be used in a Vitamin Water ad campaign. Sammy is currently six and presumably doing six-year-old stuff.

Ermahgerd! Girl

In March of 2012, a photo of an enthusiastic 'Goosebumps' fan went viral on Reddit.Thus, a meme was born.

Later, a photo was uploaded to Reddit claiming that this was the "Ermahgerd Berks" girl today:

But Redditors denied its authenticity. The photo of the girl above, named Maggie, clutching a Maui book is supposedly the genuine article.

It turns out the girl in the Ermahgerd meme was actually a pretty tough football player named Maggie. Not too much more is known about her, other than that she likes to travel and is a pretty tough football player.

Scumbag Steve
Imgur / YouTube

Blake Boston, better known to most as the internet's Scumbag Steve, became an internet face when somebody nabbed his high school Myspace picture and spread it around the web. Most recently he was making rap videos and posting them on YouTube.

College Freshman

Griffin Kiritsy was a college freshman when he had the photo taken that would vault him to internet fame. He didn't even want to have the picture taken -- talk about a Bad Luck Brian! Now Kiritsy is a college graduate who lives in New Hampshire and likes sports and country music.

Goody Guy Greg

Good Guy Greg got his start on 4Chan and quickly became the poster child for a model citizen according to the ideals of Reddit. He supposedly was a commercial fisherman for a little while, all though that is still under dispute.

Successful Black Man

The Successful Black Man is not only a success on the internet, he's a success in real life. The photo is from a modelling shoot he once did. These days, he's got a degree in electrical engineering, a wife and a job at General Electric in Texas. At least, according to the internet.

Sheltering Suburban Mom

Surprise! The Sheltering Suburban mom is actually romance novelist Carly Phillips!

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