The First Divorce Selfie Happened, And The World Is Now A Worse Place

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The First Divorce Selfie Happened, And The World Is Now A Worse Place
by Emily Arata
Just when we thought no one was going to have a nicer divorce than Gwyneth Paltrow, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight gave them a run for their money.

The Florida residents posted a divorce selfie, which came after three years of marriage.

The caption reads, "We are officially un-married. Heres to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because its over, but because it happened."

The photo presents an interesting take on divorce. These two smile as they separate, giving the idea that divorce is just as natural as falling in love.

Although its nice to see a polite split, it seems like a false version of divorce. Hinson and Knight don't seem to have children, and families with kids don't necessarily have the luxury of smiling while splitting in half.

Either way, divorce is a personal subject that each couple experiences differently.

But, hey, if the selfie leads to more peaceful divorces, so be it.

H/T: Fast Co., Photo Courtesy: Instagram 

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