There Has Never Been A Sadder Cat In The History Of Sad Cats

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There Has Never Been A Sadder Cat In The History Of Sad Cats
by Emily Arata
Move over, Grumpy Cat. Little P has far more existential problems to deal with than simple crankiness.

The Scottish fold is taking Instagram with her huge eyes and soft-looking fur.

No matter what happens in Ps life, she seems always to be vaguely disappointed about it.

Scroll down to see her sadness for yourself.

P debates crying, but decides its too much work.

Little P decides that Q-tips make her sad.

Ps alarmed by the presence of this folding chair.

This kitty knows exactly who's behind that feather toy.

P was trying to take a nap, okay?

P debates all the problems in the universe.

Little P is disappointed in that box.

The kitty thinks butterflies are pretty sad.

Who could resist those big eyes?

Little P thinks bow ties represent the worst of modern culture.

Little Ps pretty outraged about her living conditions.

P hates the Fourth of July.

Nope, this wall wont do.

Neither will this box.

Or this climbing post.

Even Totoro cant cheer Little P up.

Pink? Pink is representative of gender oppression.

Sharks get killed every day.

Ps having an existential crisis.

What if were all just this plastic bag?

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