A white man walks into a bathroom and stands in front of the urinal next to a Jamaican man. As the white man is emptying his bladder, the Jamaican glances over and notices the letters NJM tattooed on the white mans shlong.

The Jamaican asks, "What does that stand for, man?" The White man embarrassingly replies, "Those are my initials, I got it done after one crazy drunken night." The Jamaican excitedly shows his own tattoo, which has the letters WMTAHNY on it. The White man asks, "wow you have one too, those can't be your initials though, what does it mean?"?

The Jamaican throws back his head in laughter and pats the White man on the back as he exclaims, "Yea man, when I get me an erection it says "Welcome To Jamaica, Have a Nice Day"

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