This Barista Serves The Most Creative Cup Of Coffee You'll Ever Have

This Barista Serves The Most Creative Cup Of Coffee You'll Ever Have
Michael Breach began creating coffee art while he was working late nights as a barista. To pass time when few orders were coming in, he taught himself by starting with simple designs, and later challenged himself with complex images and inventing his own techniques along the way.

Now Michael is one of the top coffee artists in the US and makes coffee art for advertising firms, special events, and projects around the world. His work has been featured on television programs and major publications.

He says, I started doing this originally for myself, because it was just fun. I kept doing it because I noticed the reactions of everybody, and how happy it made them.

You can follow Michael and see more of his amazing coffee art on Instagram.

Albert Einstein. His face is unmistakable!

A cheeky skyline of NYC.

This is probably one of my favorites! Stewy!

The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel. 

This reminds of the The Eye of the Tiger.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. 

This is a stunning drawing of Edward Scissor Hands.

We all know who this is! 

It's awesome because its Superman. 

Mr. White AKA, Heisenberg. Id buy any coffee machine that could print this on all my coffee. 

A quirky drawing of Bethany Noelm. 

Justin Timberlake! I think its the nose that gives it away.

The Golden gate Bridge. These two-cup drawings are really cool!

Yup. Thats the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. 

A cute puppy named Ubu. 

Oh, man. This would be perfect if it were chocolate with a touch of mint in Christmas time! 

The dark to light effect makes this one really nice. Inspired by the movie Gravity. 

Harry Poh-tah! 

Watch the video.

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