Watch This Hilarious Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank

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Watch This Hilarious Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank
by Kappit Staff
Spiders are scary little creatures. What's worse than a spider? A giant spider. What's worse than a giant spider? A giant spider chasing you down a dark street!

Polish YouTuber, SA Wardega, enlisted the help of his adorable dog, Chica, to terrify unsuspecting people in a prank that plays on a common fear, arachnophobia. 


The man responsible for several horrifying scare pranks like the Slenderman and Samara Morgan, dressed his pooch in a tarantula costume, and sent her onto the streets of Poland to chase and scare random people. Their reactions are nothing short of hysterical.

The video, which was posted on September 4th, has over 51 million views, and continues to grow.

How would you react to a gigantic mutant spider? Let us know in the comments!

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