Throwback Thursday: Alligator Bites Trainers Head (Video)

Throwback Thursday: Alligator Bites Trainers Head (Video)
by Kappit Staff

*Warning: Graphic Video*

In this video an animal trainer at the Crocodile Zoo and Farm in Thailand decides to impress the audience by performing a routine stunt of sticking his head inside of an alligators mouth. As you can imagine it goes completely wrong.

This routine is so dangerous you can see both trainers here saying a small prayer before performing the stunt.

As the trainer begins to put his head inside of the alligators mouth this dangerous routine then takes a turn for the worse, in a split second the alligator unleashes a full attack. Not only does the alligator bite the trainers head it tosses his body back and forth, how it would kill its prey. It's a miracle the trainer was not only able to walk away from this, but in one piece. In fact he's lucky to even be alive.

Do you think the trainer deserved to be bit?

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